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first of you mean you got the regular memtest86 or memtest86+ ? the + is tweaked and have better hardware support , if you didnt get the + edition then get it ,
for cd -
or for floppy -

now how to *use*

if you downloaded the cd version
unzip and run nero and in menu goto recorder-->burn image , or in nero express click "disc image or saved project" , eiterway just select the iso file (that file you unzipped) and burn , if you dont use nero then i cant explain how to get it done but theres a great free program for burning disc images called imgburn in menu goto file-->browse and select the iso file and click the play button to start burning (insert a blank cd first otherwise it will be grayed out) , once you got it on cd do a restart and get into the bios and set the boot order properly (make the optical drive the first in the list) save & exit then it will boot from it and memtest86+ will automatically start checking the ram

if you downloaded the floppy version
unzip and run *install* , it will ask for a drive letter put only a not a:\ or a: and put a floppy disk in the drive and press enter after a few moments it should finish , then restart and get into the bios and set the floppy drive first on the boot order (but if its alredy like that and you see the floppy drive light flashing just before windows loads then i guess you can skip that part) anyway after it will boot from it memtest86+ will automatically start checking the ram

memtest86+ runs constantly (until you hit the reset button) i suggest youll let it do at least 11 passes , soposally bad ram addresses will be displayed in a red background , i think you can also test the stability with other timings on the fly (you can change em temporarly without entering the bios, from memtest86+ options (access the menu by clicking C)

reasons for unstable ram are:
1) too tight timings
2) too low voltage
3) overclocking (when overclocking the ram speed goes up too..)
4) the mobo simply dislikes that ram , in some cases a bios update can fix it
5) its plain bad

in some cases only 1 stick is bad so if you have more then 1 , test each seperatly (but only after playing with the timings/voltage)
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