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Originally posted by Difolo
How could the 32 pipelines be a myth? Ive read dozens of articles saying 32 over and over again, and if the GTX did only have 24 why would they even produce it? The GT has the same about with less ram and a lower clock speed, but look at the 7800. GT has like 16 I believe, the GT has...22? Something around there, I know im off a bit though.
It was speculation, there was a rumor that it was going to support 32 pipelines and websites started posting the rumor all over the place. the 7800GT has 20 pipes not 16 or 22 and the 7900GT will have 24 pipelines. I don't know how you can make 8 extra pipelines out of a pre-existing GPU core and I'm not surpirsed that it doesn't. Remember the 7900 is just a modified and beefed up G70 core. They're releasing it to counter the X1900XTX but it still won't be able to beat it from what were seeing.

Also I found 7900GTX and GT 3dmark scores. But the GTX has only 500 points more then the GT and only 300 more then the 7800GTX 512MB. I've seen scores of the X1900XTX that are going around 5800 in 3dmark 06 in 1280 x 1024. If the 7900GTX did have 32 pipelines it would sure as **** get higher then 5200 in 3dmark 06.
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