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Originally posted by CntdwnToExtn
when i'd overclock before, my frquency went from 400mhz to an overclocked 450mhz because of the whole "increase cpu speed/increase ram speed" thing that happens.

now, i can just lower the frequency to run @ 333mhz and then overclock and it can reach back up to the 450mhz with a much larger cpu clock.

god i hate explainin' stuff on the net. hopefully that worked a bit better.

but yes, i DO know about ram timings, i was just wondering if this was a other suitable way of doing it withought having to change the timings because i've never seen it before.

my theory was

lower the frequency + bring it back up to it's original speed by overclocking = timings should be fine
I got you now.

Yes, that is a very common thing to do. There are multiple threads here that discuss the use of using memory dividers (that is what you are doing when you lower the freq in the BIOS) to increase the CPU OC while not OC'ing the RAM as far.

So from what I read, your max RAM freq is 225 (DDR450) at stock timings, but your CPU is able to overclock to more than 225HTT. If that is the case, using the dividers to keep the RAM running slower than HTT is completely acceptable.

I will add though, that there is a good chance you could get more out of your RAM by loosening the timings a bit, so I would still look into learning more about how timings effect bandwidth and stability more so you can get the most out of your RAM.

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