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Originally posted by DJ-CHRIS
AF puts a crapload of stress on the GPU

At stock settings, a 6600GT will play HL2 on 1024 x 768 comfortably on 4x AINSF and 2x AA

Go any highher and you get slideshow.
No way. I got a buddy who has 6600GT and plays HL2 1024 at 4x AA and 16x AF.

HL2 is NOT as GPU dependant as you think. Rather it is more memory and CPU dependent. My buddy has P4 3.4 and 1 gb PC3200.

He can run all this with 100 fps.

You don't need 6800GT to play HL2 good unless you want to run it super ultra rez and if you have crap complements like low CPU and memory. But if you have a low CPU it would bottleneck that GPU anyways.

Quick benchmark link:

6800GT vs. 6600GT

Last one basically indicates ONLY a 3.8% average performance increase of 6800GT over 6600GT at 1024 and 4x AA (setting AF max really doesn't change anything). That is not worth $200 unless you are rich. If you plan on playing at higher rez like 1680*whatever than the 6800GT will crush the 6600GT.
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