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Originally posted by EricB

If IE is so great why are people out inventing more browser?
Because they want a more secure alternative. Windows problems demanded that one need to be built.

umm NO!!
firefox came from Mozilla, an open source alternative who decided that it wanted to be a troubled teen and get some roudy MS bashing attention, and at that it has done well... it has nothing to do with a more secure alternative... but i'm going to try and hold back a bit here... firefox is NOT a more secure alternative! but i won't try and overstep my own self with the intrikit details of why it isn't, most of which i have already stated, as well as a few others around here.

the flash site I look at are fine. last time I check flash mx support firefox too.
it's not a matter of flash mx supporting firefox, it's the other way around and the manner in which it is deployed and presented on a web site that is causing problems.

If you are having issues with firefox, Shoobie rat, Don't use it. But don't hate on us because we see the truth, while you are blinded by alliance.
I don't think i can touch this one without getting banned!!!! truth and reality are a perseption of your own eric!! nobody is hating you you, and... ::::slap roshi stop right there::::

you can insinuate what you want. you have been somewhat civil in this conversation. I suspect you won't be for long though. you got too many people disagreeing with you. the true 'you' will come out eventually with your cousin (flunky?) backing you up.
eric, don't go there... if so many people disagree with us, then why oh tell me why firefox still holds such an itty bitty teeny weeny little corner of the corporate market... in case you don't know that's where the money and the knowlege of IT is.

it was civil untill you started!

i think this has gone far enough


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