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What are you talking about PP? You're just posting redundant unsure info it seems like.

i have nop probls w/ agp/pci lovk at all
Ok? People don't have problems with it....either you have it or you don't.

It's not NF2 boards..that's not even a series. It's the NF7-S series which entails NF7-S v1 and NF7-S v2, also I believe the AN7 has overclocking features. Other than that like I said boards like NF7-S2/-S2G the NF7-M I think it is, are all normal boards that don't have a lock.

What i ment by locking it urself nubius was most NF2 boards (ultra 400) can lock the agp/pci from the bios. i know i can.
See again I don't see what you are saying here. I'm sure you mean the NF7-S series boards here and it's not a 'most' kind of thing. Some do and some don't and you're supposed to look into which ones do so you don't make a mistake like I did...however if you go to the NF7-S2G it says it HAS all the BIOS options needed, only until you've bought it and open up the manual do you find it doesn't.

If you can change your AGP lock then you got lucky and accidentally picked a board that's good for OC' your case it was luck of the draw but anyone out to OC will have an idea of what particular boards to shoot for
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