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Default Re: How pinging works

It's a set of rules
Less random, more math and rulesets

And yes and no to physical proximity.
When I lived in Texas, I had upgraded from a 300Mbit connection to a 1Gbit connection
the 300Mbit connection was routed through Austin,
the 1Gbit was routed through Houston.

it all depends on the network topology of your ISP and where their gateways are located.
here in Tucson, a tracert from my work location (in Tucson) to my house (in Tucson) jumps from my work site out to Maryland then back to Tucson. this is because my works gateway to the Internet is in Maryland.

However, if I was to do this same test from, say, my girlfriends house in Tucson, it would probably route through Los Angeles, because her ISP routes her connection through an exchange in LA.
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