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Default Re: New monitor in the pipeline, some opinions wanted

Well the asus does look like its okay, its a TN panel but again that doesnt bother me.
As for other monitors well i have to think on what will be best, I know 4K is coming down but its beyond my budget.
When I say I have a $500 budget I usually mean at that break off point so anything higher is outside of what i am comfortable buying.
I mean yes i would wait a year but the monitor issue with my father cannot wait.
I plan on sticking with my GTX1060 for a long time, sure its a bit under powered for 1440p at max settings but i am willing to turn settings down.
Thanks to the miners the 1070 and 1080 are way outside my budget and its doubtful that the new cards both Nvidia and AMD will come out with this year will be any cheaper.
I think i will be fine at 2K anyhow, just trying to get the best bang for my buck without killing my finances.
If that means buying a off brand i will consider it,the market isnt that friendly to those of us on a budget and really even if there will be a cheap 4K GPU for under $800 in the future that is still a way off.
I was just thinking of upping from 1080p as if I am getting a new monitor myself i want it to be a upgrade.

In my situation what would you do?
Just get another 1080p monitor?

I think i can do better than that, even if I get another GPU in the future it will still be a mid range card as i cannot afford high end.

I mean I do have this option too:

Its right in my budget, IPS and 1440p and at 144Hz

The monitor i know i will keep for a long time, I will be fine if i had to lower my settings.
But staying 1080p would seem meaningless for any potential upgrade i will do in the future.

I mean I understand i should not pay too much for 1440p but as you mentioned it may not be wise to go to a off brand, it is kind of a damned if i do damned if i dont scenario.
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