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Default Re: New monitor in the pipeline, some opinions wanted

I don't buy offbrand monitors so can't recommend them. I really only linked the ultrawide because it's an IPS with the requirements. I personally have the 4K version of the Asus monitor so not sure why you'd pass on it. The Samsung is probably the best out of the bunch.

I'm only mentioning the GPU struggling with the res because you want 144hz and I personally had 2 980s trying to run 1440p 144hz and it didn't do a very good job of it. I also have a streamer friend running a 1060 6GB with 3 144hz 1440p monitors and playing on one he has to turn down settings. His target is only 60fps though. One of my older Titan X cards almost struggles to do VR which requires a 90fps target. Just some food for thought. I mean you can always still run at 1080p.

Personally, I'd probably just get a real cheap 1440p monitor to tide you over and wait for 4k. I know most people talk away 4k but mostly only because they haven't tried it or figure they can never afford to run it. Either that or they think it's not necessary because of screen size blah blah. After playing on 4k for almost 3 years straight now it's almost impossible for me to game on anything but 4k and these days it's not that hard to run. The 1080 was more powerful than the 980ti, so one could assume the 1180/2080 will be more powerful than a 1080ti. A pair of 1080tis can run most AAA titles over 100fps easily. If you don't plan to upgrade your card for a year or two by the time you do those GPUs will easily run 4k and it'll make buying an expensive 1440p panel now kind of pointless. You can get 60fps 4K panels now for 400 or less. Later they will be even cheaper and 144hz 4k monitors should be below the $500 threshold. Just something to think about.
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