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Default Re: Looking for a camera to learn on.

Originally Posted by booker View Post
I personally find that the Canon Rebel is a cheap and affordable camera which teaches you how to properly use white balances, field depth, ISO sensitivities, etc.. Earlier it was stated that the sensor is what makes the picture, however, this is only partially right as it is the lenses that contribute overall. Canon makes the best lenses in the world with their 'L' series and this can be seen with professional photographers at any pro event. I would recommend starting out with a Rebel, build up your lenses, and then upgrade your camera body.
I second this. I do a lot of real estate and marketing photography/videography and I would recommend trying to find a cheap used Canon DSLR. Maybe a t3i if you could snag one for cheap. Start with a basic kit lens. Learning photography absolutely not necessary to have a full frame sensor, thats just ridiculous. An aps-c sensor is just fine. Just have to remember that the focal on your lens is not going to be what you actually get on a non full frame sensor. For example a 50mm is more like an 80mm. Keep that in mind.

Start with a body and kit lens. Then depending on what you like to shoot look into a 50mm, wide angle, 70-200mm etc. These lenses can then be carried over to a new camera body when you upgrade. Then look into filters, flashes, etc depending on what you shoot again.

Remember, not everything is about equipment. Know your fundamentals, Be at the right place, at the right time of day, with the right light and subject and you will take good photos. I cant stress enough how much being somewhere at the right time of day can do for a photo. Shoot in the golden hour (hour after sunrise, hour before sunset)
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