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Default Re: Which Win 10 Keyboard Do I Buy?

Originally Posted by PP Mguire View Post
That doesn't make any sense at all. You were asked the same question multiple times and ignored everybody on top of insulting another member. I called you out on being elusive to the albeit simple question on top of being downright rude. There's nothing strange about it. I'm here to help people but you can't exactly come on a board as a new member demanding this or that and expecting things to be peachy when you disrespect another long time member. Doesn't work that way bud.

And apparently neither did you until it suited you. Something you could have done before posting if we want to get technical. I don't have to Google search Windows 10 gestures because that's not what we asked for, and we're not the ones who need it. We asked WHY you needed them, not WHAT they are and specifically I asked what your definition was. If you want to be rude at least get your damn facts straight kid.

Lemme spell it out for you. You take your car into a shop and tell them I want this this and this they're going to ask you questions. If you just keep repeating you want this this and this ontop of insulting a mechanic they're gonna tell you to get out and go somewhere else that will deal with the bull****. In regards to my behavior I'm here to help people regardless unless you're just a straight *******, and I'm used to it because of where I work. Hence me helping in the other threads, because you answered basic questions. Thing is, if you want to come in demanding answers and know exactly what you want half of us here are more than willing to send you a LMGTFY link and be done with it. Want to be nice and answer questions people ask we'll be more than willing to help, granted you don't insult anybody else.

Oh, and nobody is insinuating a flame war, but it'd be pretty dumb for you to start one because a mod was the first person to post here and I bet you're already being looked at for your behavior to others.
You don't know what you're talking about. That question can't qualify for an answer given its degree of ridiculousness to which you lend yourself multiple times. I said you were disrespectful on top of your troll-like behavior. I like being helped. But claiming senority doesnt give you the right to troll and disrespect others on a forum then expect respect in return. That's not how the real world operates pal.

Of course you had it coming. You should've taken this into consideration. I don't have to respond to illogical questions. Matter of fact, I don't have to answer ANY question. No law says I do. If you're going to be immature at least have some damn sense son.

You better listen closely to what I'm going to tell you. You go to a diner to order a burger. If the server asks if you want buns with it you'll likely stare at him like hes stupid. If he keeps asking this same question non-stop you'll likely ignore him like hes ignorant and crazy. What'll happen next is the server will lose all respect and get fired along with the expected f*** off response. As for me, I help when I can and enjoy getting help from others even if they're stupid *******s. If you come to a thread someone else made and start asking ridiculous questions you'll get a GTFO of here reply and no one will deal with you. If you want to get respect from others you need to earn it first.

No one here is flaming except for a couple here. But it'd be very ignorant of you if you do flame since a mod replied to me respectfully and is monitoring the room after I reported troll behavior and that wont make you look good in his eyes.
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