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Default Re: This is a pigsty

Originally Posted by -RockMan- View Post
So you see a broken stove, sure it heats up and cooks things but it won't cool down or turn off right.
We'll just wait till it doesn't cut it off or short circuit and let something catch on fire and blow up the whole house.
That's...not comparable to this scenario at all. Like I said, we have a plan currently in place - we can't "just do it". We have to plan things out and test. You're not familiar with software development / deployment.

I'm not the only person who sees this place physically broken it'll take much more than what your speaking of for TF to survive.
I'm not saying it is or isn't broken - vB3 (the current one we're on now) is stable for the most part. We reverted back from vB4 because it was unstable and a buggy mess and things didn't work right after the upgrade.

I'm done talking to you, I hope trotter does get that right help.
It's not really up to Trotter - it's up to the site owners - we can only suggest things.
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