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Default Re: Bought a new SSD, have some questions about cloning

Originally Posted by PP Mguire View Post
Most cloning software does the deed from within Windows. You are essentially trying to copy a working Windows environment in its entirety to another drive which is just not the right way to go about doing things. Why you insist this is ok is beyond me but in no way is it scare tactics to PROPERLY tell people how to go about cloning their drives.

Let me spell it out for you. User clones from within Windows to new drive. User boots into new drive, things look ok, user formats old drive, all old data lost, there is a 50/50 chance that there could be an underlying issue. If that happens there is a high possibility that if the new drive has a corrupted copy the user just wiped all their previous data. That's where the image comes into play. If you want an EXACT copy (which is what you do want 100%) you want to be outside of Windows or like our last argument over this on a separate computer. Why? Because the software will absolutely have access to all files for an image to copy to the new drive. And don't say "well don't format that drive". Most people doing this will want to use their old HDD as a data/storage drive with their new SSD. The stem of most of these threads.

I don't have time to read the rest of this thread, only reply to your reply. I'm not sure why you think telling people the proper way to do things is scare tactics or false but I apologize for the fact that I don't want to tell people the easy way to do things if it could mean the loss of their data. One more thing you apparently fail to realize is by having an image you can use it at a later date to bypass the need for a format and install. Everything is already there, just write image to drive and you're good to go. Making life easier later.
Have you actually used any other cloning software other than Clonezilla?

No Windows based cloning software I have used actually clones from within Windows, for the very reason you state, which is that it wouldn't be able to copy all the files. That's why they use a Windows GUI to ask the user the questions such as which drive for source, which drive for target, then when they have all the info they require they reboot into another environment such as DOS or Linux and do the cloning in that environment. It is not any riskier to do disk-to-disk than it is to do disk-to-image. I can't understand why you keep saying it is.
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