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Default Re: Full Red Screen (Not RSoD)

Originally Posted by Mike-Techno-Thug View Post
That maybe true, but lets not forget there are people who are not that tech saavy like you and I.
When we talk like that with no explaination of source, people will 0_O and walk away more dumbfounded without geting the problem fixed.

Like I said again it would stop problems from arising and causing issues and petty arguments around here.
KSOD - Google Search
Well, looky here... both of my posts mentioning KSOD's. The first one explaining, and the 2nd one actually giving a google search link!

Originally Posted by carnageX View Post
There's also the KSOD (Black Screen of Death). No Windows loading screen, and stuck after the BIOS basically. Can also occur with the blinking cursor in the corner.
Originally Posted by carnageX View Post
Um, what? I'm not picking on anybody? If you think I'm picking on Mak, I'm not. I've known him for years, and I know the kind of stuff he's been through... I'm talking about the literal KSOD:
Looks like I did in fact explain what it was!
So please, next time before you start to dog me about something, read my posts; maybe then petty arguments won't start... Thank you.

Originally Posted by luke127 View Post
Wait why is a KSOD not BSOD? I don't suppose a Blue Screen of Death Exists? Then we might change is to BlaSOD or BluSOD
Because as Joe C posted, Blue Screen of Death is more common than Black screen of death. BSOD is the Blue screen, and KSOD is BLack Screen of Death b/c Black ends with a K. We don't use BlaSOD and BluSOD because those are too long for abbreviations (everything in the tech world is shortened down to acronyms & abbreviations).
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