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Originally posted by Nubius
[B]??? In your sig it says NF7-S v2? So what do you mean you wish you have Rev 2?
i meant my RAM, i wish it was the Rev.2 version...stead of the normal EL. rev.2 has better timings and uses TCCD chips...

Originally posted by Nubius
Whew! Me and you talk to different people! Cause I really haven't seen anyone with their RAM overclocked that high, you're one of the highest OC'd RAM I've seen actually...

But if he's just raising the FSB to 200-215 and upping the multiplier, he should be aright and he won't need to up the NB Voltage any. I havent had to up my NB Voltage yet, but I'm running 166x13.5 for the moment I believe until I can get some PC3200 Corsair XMS RAM, cause all I got is a 256mb stick of PC2700 and a 512mb stick of PC3200 value ram which is rated at 3-3-3-8 but will run at 2.5-3-3-7 when underclocked to PC2700.

BTW, when do you really need to start upping the NB Voltage? I'm assuming it's mainly when you start pushing those high *** RAM speeds? I haven't really tried upping the NB voltage, I did once while overclocking and it fried my previous 512mb stick of PC3200 valueram, so the one I got now is the RMA'd new stick
im currently on ~ 7 forums i think...have seen some crazy overclocks. the majority of people with setups like mine have hit 240+, the rest are sitting on intel's or A64 setups with insane overclocks. OCZ used to have a hall of fame section, and a guy was r.unning 282mhz on his ram...crazy.

i'm maxed on my NB, but yah ur right when you get fast ram and start pushing 220+mhz u gotta up it to at least 1.7ish. my old board went to 2.0v, kinda mad when this newer one stopped at 1.7v. pencil mod can get you pretty high though without any physical mods. my gf has mushkin basic green value ram PC3200 ($70 stick) that's rated 2.5-3-3-8...not a bad deal. Mine were alot more when i got them unfortunately...but 2-3-2-5 was enticing and there pretty lol. i think in the next year i'll be going A64 with the rev2 series OCZ and a decent's tight right now though
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