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Default Re: What do you think of these builds?

Originally Posted by SereneChaos View Post
GTX+, actually (738MHz/2200MHz stock), but even a GT would probably outperform my 4850, b/c it's almost even with it stock (550MHz/1600MHz vs. my oc'd 693/1.15G, which, I might add, I have to lower for some games to be stable). Also, this isn't something I'm planning on; this is an "if I have the money sometime in the next year or so, MAYBE". Til then it's just speculation and drooling.

And I don't want to get into an i7/965 war between fanboys. I'm AMD, though with so little experience in either (or computers in general, for that matter) that it's just a vague preference. From what I understand, 965 BE can at least hang with, if not match, the i7, and I can tell you conclusively that it is WAY cheaper ($184 on Newegg vs. $289). I may even build an equal Intel rig if/when I build my dream rig, and compare them. If I do, I'll let you know what I find out. Even though it'll be moot by then lol.

I do, however, appreciate all the help and advice. Back on topic, why would the 5870s be bottlenecked? Is there anything to do about that, or will I just get better performance with a single 5870?

edit: Also, if I do cut back to one video card, do I still need a larger case, or can the 900 handle it?
Buddy, you can't compare two different graphics cards that ARE NOT THE SAME ARCHITECTURE directly by core speed or memory speed.

(Your comparison of the 9800's vs your 4850 only comparing clock speeds is incorrect.)

The 4850 is made by ATI and uses a completely different architecture than the Nvidia 9800 cards.
You can NOT compare them by clock speeds and memory frequencies.
I could go more in depth into why, but I'm not very good at explaining such things, so I'll give someone else the opportunity to give that a go.

Also Phenom II X4 955 = Phenom II X4 965

The only difference is .2Ghz, and they overclock the same.
Save yourself the $20-30

Also, I don't know why people are saying the Phenom II X4 965 would bottleneck crossfire 5870's?
I extremely doubt that.
I would bet money against that CPU bottlenecking the cards.
AMD owns ATI I doubt they'd be releasing chipsets or processors that bottleneck their own cards.

But if you're playing at low resolutions, crossfiring could bottleneck you because it would be overkill, one card could process all the frames and the second card computing data would probably slow it down, because it would eat into the first card's bandwidth sending over frames, when the first card won't even need the computed data/frames. Also micro stutter is probably going to occur with a small resolution + crossfire.

Also price/performance wise I usually recommend 5850's over 5870's, but it's just a preference thing really.
There are physical differences between the 5850 and 5870.
Something like 200~ shader cores or something or other, but the performance is VERY close to the same regardless.

Also about the case and single GPU setup thing.
Buddy, you don't even need an Antec 900...
That's a whole lot of case for not a lot of component.
You'd be perfectly fine with an RC332, Centurion 5, 541, CM 690 II, Rosewill Blackbone, Apex Vortex 3620, and many more mid tower cases that are from $40-80
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