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Default Re: Official AMD Overclocking Thread.

For smaller overclocks you don't. At 3.5, I keep my multi at 17.5 with stock FSB.

Here's what you should do first: find the max FSB your board can handle. Set everything at stock to begin.

Set your multi lower than stock, first off. Then raise your multi slowly to see how high it can go. The general idea you should follow is keeping the multi set at such that you can raise the FSB without going over stock speeds, that way you don't have to mess with the voltages. Also, I would keep your RAM at 800 or 667 to make sure it's not a factor.

You'll know when your board has hit it's limit. With me, the warning signs were red lines going randomly through my screen, and garbled text on boot.

I would say set your multi to something low like 12x, then try 215 to start with. From there, you can make a leap to 220, then 225. From there be a bit more cautious. Go up a couple at a time, feel it out. You'll start noticing the signs of instability with the FSB.
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