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Default Re: please have a look at my (modest) gaming rig!

Originally Posted by Savage13 View Post
Turns out they got new stock in this morning... I've placed my order, it's all arriving tomorrow. And I have no idea how to build a computer. Wish me luck!
Good luck !

It's really not that hard. Important things will only fit in one place, ram will only fit in the right ram slot, graphics card will only fit in a PCI-E slot and the CPU will only fit in the CPU slot

Things like Hard drive light cables will fit into the wrong places, but they simply won't work - that's all, just try another slot. The motherboard will usually say (in very small print) under the slot like: SYSFAN, meaning system fan, so you find the fans on your case, get the cable and put it in any sysfan slot.

On the motherboard manual it'll usually show you were everything is, so don't worry to much. I have learnt to make sure of 3 things:

1)Make sure your motherboard does not touch the motherboard tray in anyway except through the grounding screws (the mobo should be raised up form the tray on grounding screws). or you WILL ruin your pc.

2)Molex cables for things like Hard Drives more often than not need to be pushed **** hard to get them to fit, as do the sticks of RAM into the ram slots.

3) The cpu fan is a absolute beast to install, you have to push so hard for it to clip in you nearly snap your motherboard, fortunately it never does actually snap though, but dont be worried if you find yourself pushing really quite hard to get the stupid heatsink to snap into place properly.. and make sure you read the heatsink installation instructions that come with the CPU, it's actually easier than everyone makes out if you read them.

Thats about it really, just dont panic if your pc doesnt come on at first, 99percent of the time its because you havnt pushed in a cable hard enough

Good luck once more !


Just noticed you've got an aftermarket cooler, that particular one is easier to install than stock coolers but still no pushover - just be forcefull with it
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