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Default Help installing Harddisk_Windows is not recognizing it

I was trying to remove a hard disk from one computer to the other but things go copmlicated and windows was not recognizing it. I dont know what went wrong;

I have my home computer, on which Windows XP is installed. It contains 2 hard disk, one of 49 GB(System) and another of 12 GB.

I have another copmuter which contains 1 hard disk of 40 GB, and Windows ME is installed on it.

Now what I wanted to do is to replace the 12 GB hard of my home computer with the 40 GB hard disk of the other one.

I removed the 40 GB hardisk out of the copmuter and plugged the 12 GB hardisk. Now when I boot the copmuter, with the windows ME CD in the drive, and I choose to boot from CD and install windows, a message appears that Windows ME cannot be installed on this computer. Either I donot have a hard disk, or it is not working, or it need a special driver. The hard disk IS working properly becuase it was working on the other copmuter.

Now I decided that I'll reassemble everything as it was so I returned the 40 GB hard disk. (It was formatted so everything on it is now deleted)

I tried installing windows on it but the same messege appeared. I rtemoved the hard disk and tried again, a message appeared that I need to format the hard disk before continuing so I started formatting.

After that, I had to go someplace so I told the maid to trun of the copmuter as soon as the formatting is done.

When I came back, I boot the copmuter but could not start the installation... the message of Hard Disk not found/not functioning came back. I removed the 49 GB hard disk and installed the 12 GB one... still the same message... I then returned the 49 GB one and now a message said Error reading from hard disk... I then re-pluuged it and again, the Hard Disk error message came.... Pretty complicated!!!

I dont know what is happeing. Could it be something wrong with the connecting cables? I just need to make it work!

If I could install windows ME on the 12 GB hard disk and leave the 49 GB for my home computer, it would be great.
IF not, I dont mind to return them as they were BUT I REALLY NEED THEM TO WORK!

Any help would be much apreciated...

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