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Default Re: My new oil cooled PC.

Here's my take on what you've said.

1. Oil physically cannot cool as well as water.

2. Car heatercores, while big are inherently much less efficient than, say for example, a dual pass copper radiator. How are you panning on mounting fans on it? It is next to useless without them, and due to their high fin density will reguire, high cfm/high pressure/noisy as **** all fans properly mounted with a shroud to force the air through the rad.

3. That freezer is not designed for this. It is just designed to remove the heat from food and then keep it cold, that's why you hear the compressor kicking on and off. Now with all the parts your cooling, the heat will be more than the freezer can keep up with and it will not get cold and will wind up frying the compressor because it is not designed for a continuous duty cycle.

4. Did you know clear water cooling tubing is porous? After a short time the oil will start to leech out of the tubing, sounds lovely doesn't it?

5. You will never be able to get the best temps because your blocks are old and lack the newest designs which improves cooling performance a great deal.

6. What pump are you planning on running? I guarantee it will not like having to push oil one bit, especially if it's the one that's in the base of the reservator.
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