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current system
os: win xp pro (32bit)
cpu: amd fx-57 antec heatsink and fan system
case: coolermaster stainless steel w/glass door. (big time woot).
mobo: ECS photon extreme sli (just don't get the cheap ecs guys, keep going nothing to see here)
memory: 2 gb ddr400 (2x1 gb) samsung dual channel (the bare minimum of pc memory)
hdd: 1 500 gb wd sata 16mb cache, to lazy to instal second 500 drive for stripping, come on it busts into wow time . no I'm seriously not sacraficing wow time.
noise: sound blaster x-fi (not fatality1 edition)
optical: sony blu-ray sata (bd rom only i think)
power plant: 750watt coolermaster ( i think ) 2 rails, not 4 so I had to mickey mouse two more for...
video: 2 x pny nvidia 9800gtx severly gimped from the processor and ver 1.1 sli not 2.0
screen: 24 in Gateway HD LCD, wow looks vibrant!
BS problems with this rig: nick name "clear" I have to now hit the power button like ten times each time shutting power off until i get text from the post to "appear" and login for win xp, I finally get a heartbeat. "clear"
second: the BIOS will not recognize 3 or 4 gb of ram, wont run stable over 2gb (ghey).

2nd socket 939 system (made entirely from left over parts)
mobo: abit kn8 sli with otes cooling system
cpu: amd 64 4000+ silent thermatake 939 cooling system
ram: 2gb 4 sticks of 512 pc3200 3 infineon 1 generic. leftovers from here and there.
video: 2 x BFG 8600gts oc (absolutely no visual quality difference in wow when I put the 9800gtx's in my above mentioned current gamming rig.....none)
noise: audigy 2 zs platinum edition.
case: mid tower antec (brown)
hdd: 2 x seagate barracuda 120gb sata striped
power plant: 500 watt neo pci-e rails yes.
optical: samsung dvd sata

work in progress death star (which is my solution for the current two)
cpu: q6600 but will likely get a q9550
mobo: 780i i think its msi all I know is 3 months later the 790i ultras release and I am like (&^$$&**&$*&$%((*0!!!!!!!)
ram: 8 gb ddr2 patriot pc8500, so yeah I am locked into the 780i for now.
noise: x-fi fatality1, now if I get the gx2's or the gtx 260's don't those have sound integrated with the HDMI out and all??????
case: full size cooler master, black has the incrediably huge azz fans on the ceiling and the side panels, can mount up to 5 hhd's.
powerplant: 1kw coolermaster 80plus certified.
hdd: 2 x wd 1tb (2 tb total) configuring raid 0.
video: still on the to-do list, looking for quad sli solution, money not an object.
optical: sony Blu-ray rom.
this pc is my answer to the frankenstien 939 systems I am currently using, completion expected around christmas time frame, just need video cards and that dam q9550 proc. and maybe vista, still leary of gettin it.

so there meh thats my crap for now. I do have floppy drives but they are stuffed away in a bin somewhere and on par with admitting to masturbation....did i just ...nahhhhh.

yes I know what you guys are thinking make the abit mobo system my main gamming rig, but (BUT!) its going to cut into wow time, and thats a mighty big no!

I am lazy, I hate to think ...unless its about haha you know, and my decisions are largely based on how soon I can get back to wow, even now I am neglecting the game.....oh mad!
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