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Originally Posted by Ethan_Kaizer View Post
Hmm... This is the most heated thread I've seen so far on these forums!

I may not know as much as the other guys that have posted, but I have a case with 1 fan on it, a hot GPU, a not great motherboard, and an intel Core 2 Duo 4600 (2.4ghz) on stock cooling. It idles at about 28c, and never goes higher than 38 on full load. If I was able to (had a motherboard that could), I could overclock this thing well over 3 ghz with stock cooling. My friend has an AMD 5600+, with a better motherboard, similar specs otherwise, and my intel blows the top off of his, while I have 64 bit Vista, and he has 32 bit.

Now if you're saying that you have all this experience with intels and they always overheat, obviously you don't pick good cases, or you don't put the heatsinks on properly.

The architecture of intels just seems to dominate that of AMD, and most games only use up to dual core, so three cores doesn't do much in terms of gaming, nor will companies ever spend time making a game to work best with three cores. If anything, they'll spend time and money for quad core support, in which core 2 quads absolutely destroy phenoms.

And as far as "Fusion software" goes, I'll believe "simple overclocking" when I see it. Overclocking takes time and caution to do it right and safely. With "one click overclocking", I'm going to predict a lot of AMD computers' only use will be as smoke machines

I do kinda agree with that.
Ya.. ever since we've seen the last of Maroon1 we no longer see heated threads anymore

But I found them rather enjoyable
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