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Default Re: Intel guys....opinions on Q6700 vs Q9300

I know for whatever reason when I had 1GB of RAM, I didn't seem to have a huge issue running out of RAM.

But, as soon as I went to 2GB, I've been running out a lot.

Might be the fact that I tend to run 1-2 Virtual Machines, like 100+ Tabs in Firefox, Play Music, Remote Control Multiple Computers at once, IM, and do several other things at the same time very often.

Hopefully 4GB will be good. I wanted to turn off Virtual Memory.

If not, I guess I can always order more. Hopefully, they'll run the same rebate promotion or a better one next time, though, as the promotion right now isn't too bad...

Originally Posted by veedubfreak View Post
I run vista 64 with 4gb of memory and that is more than enough. The only reason you would need 8 is if you are doing huge photoshops or rendering video. Or running like 12 virtual machines.
I wouldn't put that past me.

I tend to overdo things a lot, anyway.

Everything's ordered except the RAM. I've gotta wait a few more hours, because apparently my bank has a supposed Max of 500$ charged on a Debit card in a 24 hour period, although I know it let me spend somewhere between 600-700 last night, although I had to wait a few hours on one order before it took, although I haven't got checked the specifics.

Now, I've just got to get around to testing out XP x64 again in the next day or two. I haven't tested it since right after it came out, and I know I had some driver issues, and software issues, but I'd think most should be resolved by now. I haven't tested it since before the latest service pack came out for it.
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