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Default Running XFX nForce 780i W/ Intel Q6600 2.4 GHz-> PROBLEMS.

Hey everybody. I am pretty new to building PCs and I just upgraded my entire system except for the Disc Drive and the Hard Drive. I am having problems. I switched a Vista x 64 system to an XP Pro x 64 (I now realize this may have been a no no) also, when installing the new OS I partitioned the drive, I had seen this done befor eand thougfht there was a boot interface that allowed you to switch between OS (I found out that HP ships a motherboard with a horrible BIOS.) I upgraded an HP TV PC, one of the newer ones, to these specs:

Motherboard: XFX nForce 780i SLI
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad inside Q6600 LGA 775, 2.4 GHz, * MB L2 cache total, 1066 MHz FSB, Requires electrically compatible board - PCG 05A (? - dont know what the compatability there is...)
Video Card: BFG tech nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX OC 768 MB GDDR3
Hard Drive: 500 GB stock HP drive (I wanted to keep my old files, could still access them from XP Pro.)
Disk Drive: Light scribe DVD RW (Also HP Stock)
Case: Thermaltake
Power Supply: OCZ Game X STREAM(Voltage 90Vac- 265Vac)
Efficiency 85% typical at full load) 700 Watt.
Keyboard: Logitech G15
Mouse: Logitech G9
Monitor: HP w2007 20" LCD monitor
Headphones: Turtle Beach Stereo Headset Digital 5.1 Audio

Weird stuff is happening. When I first switched to XP, I had trouble with my motherboard drivers. I realize now they may have not been XP compatible. So, I upgraded my motherboard to the new XFX and I also switched from the AMD 64x2 Live to the Intel Q6600. Then things got weird. when I was switching the hard drive to the new case, I accidentally broke the clip that holds the SATA cable in the back of the hard drive. After consulting with my buddy who builds PCs frequently, He said I should put it in the socket and use electrical tape to hold it in. I'm thinking about replacing the hard drive, but I dont feel like losing my old data (Foolishly I opted not to back up my Vista System or data {n00b move I realize now}.)

Now upon boot the system displays the XFX logo for a very, very long time (Around 5-10 minutes) then it slowly moves through the Pheonix AwardBIOS start up. Finally after about 10 minutes I have the option to F1 continue, or Del- to enter BIOS set up. I have the manual for my motherboard but it was roughly translated from Japanese or Chinese or something because sometimes it doesn't make sense. So everything is running S L O W....... and it sucks. I don't know how to run the OS instillation. The disc is in the drive and spinning, but no OS installing. I looked up using the recovery menu but I can't figure that out yet. I can navigate the BIOS menus but once it froze up. after freezing, it reverts back to the XFX logo screen and then freezes. When I try to shut it down at this point, or at other times when the XFX logo is up, it flashes the Pheonix start up screen for a split second. PLEASE HELP ME. I am super noob to all of this so dumb it down if you can. Thank you all.

-Carl (BF2 tag- {dm} coldkillercarl, rank- 1st Sargent.)
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