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Default Lapping a TRUE

***Shoot, I meant to post this in the Overclocking/Tweaking section. If a mod could please help me out by moving it. Thanks ***

I need lots of help. I don't know what to do. Lapping a TRUE is not easy. It's awkward to hold and skips/jumps when you pass it along even wet sand paper. I looked into many guides online and despite me trying everything I could, I just can't get rid of the convexity of my TRUE... it's really bothering the snot out of me! My temps are so uneven, sometimes by even 10 degrees!

Here's an image exaggerating where the convex shape is on the HSF in red:

I had 400, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 grit that I went through, wet-sanding, letting the weight of the hsf do the work, on a piece of glass. I used straight passes on the paper, going in one direction only (not back and forth or circular), turning the HSF 90' after 1 to 3 passes.

Still no luck, still convex! I can tell when I put it down on the glass or when I put a flat razor on top with a light behind. My Q6600 on the other hand is nice, super shiny and flat.

It's pretty bad, I'm just going to replace the cooler with the stock Intel fan for now until I can get my TRUE flattened out, because it was REALLY convex before lapping and is still pretty convex after lapping, doesn't look like it changed much despite a lot of lapping... temps are horrendous, too embarassed to share them.. I know they're bad, trust me.

Who here has their TRUE lapped and what advice can you share? Was yours concave or convex? Thanks ahead of time.
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