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Default the uber rig

okay guys:
i have a clan-mate who is due to rotate back from iraq soon.
he needs a new rig, and he has (obviously) a **** load of disposable income.
he has priced alienware and a couple other pre-builds, and has told me the price to beat is like 4500 dollars.
lets see what you guys can suggest for way less than that.
obviously i will want to include SLI g92 8800's, and probably a 24" monitor, an intel quad (haha its not MINE lol) with a good mobo, keyboard and g5 or g7 mouse, go ahead and put in speakers and an audio card, and about 500gb of disc space. i wont mind putting a small OC on it, but i dont want to have to OC the snot out of it, as he lives in illinois and i dont want him to have problems with it. NO water-cooling! just a good cooler.
suggestions please, try to keep it under 2500-3000 dollars.
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