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Default Can't install OS / bad ram?

I have problem with one of my computers.

I have had this machine for just under 2 years. Had some minor troubles but none worth mentioning. I ran into the biggest one ever as of now.

So there I am sitting down to play some WoW, about 10 hours in my computer all of a sudden shuts down (has NEVER done that before). I start it up and quickly go to bios, the Temperture readings are 23C for CPU 45C GPU. I'm like that's not the problem. So I go back into WoW about 15 minutes in it cashes to the Blue Screen of Death with message ---> PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. So i'm like what ever,go back on WoW cashes again, This time it sais ---> IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

Prior to this the computer has been running flawlessly for about 40-50 hours streight, prior to that I installed a enw TV tuner and mouse and keyboard, the TV tuner drivers where has to install since I was missing the disk and the website drivers were coming up with an error, but I got them to work never the less.

I read the two messages on a different machine and it sais 50% tiem it's mad ram or mobo and other 50% it's faulty Drivers.

I'm like dang it I don't have time to deal witht his so I totaly wipe my harddrives clean and break them into three partitions. I format them and put in Windows xp SP1...Some files where missing since disk was scratched, so I put in XP SP2 that disk loads fine, but the blue screen pops up after about 97% of the installation is done. I'm like I didn't want it to come to this...I put in VISTA. The thing is not that even load, I get a message saying that faulty memory is preventing my computer from operating normaly.

Can Ram go bad?
What are my choises, I am currently going to run a ram check VIA Floopy.

PC is:
1 GIG samsung ram
160 GIG HD
Casual (AMD 4000+ x4) (Stock mobo) (750 Gig + 8 TB Xternal) (150 RAPTOR) (9800GT OC x2)
(OCZ PowerStream 800 Watt) (2G OCZ) (XP/Vista)
Torrenter (1.05GHZ) (Stock mobo) (250GiG) (9200 Radion) (Stock PSU) (768MB) (XP)
Laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.8Ghz) (2G) (8600GT) (XP/Vista) (500GiG)
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