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yeah i think the problem is that often countries judge others by what their government is doing. It's not far as it doesn't represent all people as, especially now, there is a large amount of opposition for the war on terror( lol..) So we in the UK think ( lol well me and my mates )...

OK Bush is a terrible president, has he done a serious speech in his life? maybe but all we see is time cracking jokes in what should be discuss live speeches to his people, i can't remember what he said to the Queen when she visited but her look on her face ( what a ****ing weirdo) was priceless. Also about the war on terrorism, hmph I'll admit you can't take an attack on the scale of 11/9(YES 11/9!!!!!) and do nothing. But then carpet bombing villages to take out what you think may be one terrorist, makes you even worse and more like terrorists in some ways. Luckily there aren't really bombings like that much anymore, but i mean at the beginning we heard about villages being ripped apart and kids with limbs blown off and such. Of course the people are going to defend themselves, i highly doubt all the gunmen in Iraq fighting US, UK and other troops are extremists. I mean what if you were in their place? You probably don't even know about 11/9 if if you don't have a TV or radio. Then suddenly you see planes bombing the crap out of your country and then swarms of "enemy" troops and vehicles coming in and blowing the place up. If your anything of a patriot your going to fight this invasion. Also although most will probably disagree and attack me, i feel that one of Bush's motives for all this is to finish what his father started over there with desert storm and all that.

But what i do love about America and am jealous of is your HUGE selection of brands. All those energy drinks! ( i like red bull and stuff) and Leninade! Also your take outs seem twice or three times as cheap as ours( talked to some USA dudes on msn) and most of your goods are twice as cheap( food, electronics, cars etc).

But anyway..

me thinks i shouldn't turn this into a political debate( im used to my debate forums on religion, philosophy etc )....

so more GPUness!!!!!
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