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Default Antec Nine Hundred Core2Duo Build Log... (56k, grab a snickers)

Hello all, and welcome to my newest (ok, well, my ONLY) build log!!!

As title mentions, 56k beware.... MOST of the pics I am posting are 800x600 resolution, near 100k apiece.... so go have a snickers or something.

UPDATED AS OF: 01:00CST 12/28/2007 - BUILD COMPLETED!!!!! Sort of...
Assembly is completed, see assembly pics in post #106

This first post is with cell phone cam teaser pics... I have better quality pics on my digicam, trying to locate USB cable..... don't hold your breath.

I got all my part Wednesday November 28th (yesterday). I was so excited, that I raced home, and remembered to stop at the hardware store to pick up a few essentials. (more on those later). Here is a list of all the parts I used....

Here are all the pieces standing proud on my kitchen table... The things I picked up from the hardware store are a can of high temp spray paint, 20 Dremel Re-enforced cutting wheels, Stanley goggles. (Not pictured: 10 feet of 7/64" automotive vacuum hose - will go into detail later, dremel metal grinding discs, the X1950XT isn't shown here, neither is the temp Chieftec home)

My cat will help!! (Notice the quality difference? This was with Digicam, not phone cam, lol).

Here is another shot of the system assembled (stock cooling at this time) in my old Blue Chieftec (Chieftec Dragon or something to that effect) tower. It will be living in here while it's mansion (Antec Nine Hundred) is being renovated. I am currently not using the aftermarket CPU cooler, therefore not the scythe 120mm fans for it either. Also not using the MX-2, because it is too expensive to waste on the stock cooler, when it will only be used for a week or two.

Here are 2 action shots of the case-work-in-progress. (NOTE!! When using a dremel it is HIGHLY recommended that you wear safety goggles.... I am SURE GLAD that I got mine.)

This is just a teaser at this point.... more pics will follow once I find the USB cord to link my nice camera to the computer.... these are just phone pics. Also I didn't want to take too many action pics while working on the case one handed, lol.

Oh yeah.... I should mention..... If you plan on cutting a case with a dremel tool in your garage, look at the clock BEFORE you start.... It is VEEEERRRRRRRY loud. I actually started cutting the case last night about 10:30 pm not realizing what time it was till I went in for a drink, lol. I probably woke half the neighborhood, but at least all my windows are still intact, and my cars tires are still inflated.

I have 2 short video clips (maybe) of the cutting in action also.... only 2 problems. 1, I have to make sure that they WORK (can't on this junky PC), and 2, I need somewhere to host them from.... not sure if I can just plop random files on photobucket, or if it only supports certain file extensions....

Anywho, the new rig is UP AND RUNNING on Windows XP 64-bit edition... getting win updates & drivers and such now.... 3DMark06 score to come tomorrow possibly.
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