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I would recommend getting an after market cooler to overclock a quad core. They run hotter than dual cores, and aren't as forgiving for overclocking as far as temperature goes. I'm not saying you can't OC it with the stock cooler, I'm just saying maybe it'd be a good idea. Regarding your temperature of 68c: that's entirely too hot, even considering you're not OC'ing yet. Check the voltage setting on the CPU (sometimes called VID, Vcore, etc) and make sure it's 1.3 volts, or in the general area (up to 1.35 is fine). If it is, your heatsink isn't applied correctly. As previous posters have said, it would be a good idea to try to reapply the heatsink.

Another thing, I don't really see any specific questions regarding overclock other than 'teach me how to do it'. Forums are good for asking specific questions when you're stuck, but for general questions like that it's better to take a look at tutorials that people have posted for overclocking.
Here is a good resource to get you started HOWTO: Overclock C2D Quads and C2D Duals - A Guide v1.0 - [H]ard|Forum
Take a test run after you've figured your cooling situation out and tell us what you come up with, we're happy to help!

edit: I think his computer died... he hasn't responded since yesterday morning. :'[
This one is for you, my friend. *pours out a fifth* You were a good, honest, hard working and fast performing e6700 in your short life. Your honorable 10x multiplier will be missed in the weeks of gaming to come.
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