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Originally posted by xxdryicexx
I never said amd is unreliable.. I am not taking any sides here (without logical reasons) but I just think that intel has amd beat in the high-end cpu's, while amd has intel beat in the 64 bit department at the moment..


simple. lets compare.

_p4 2.8c GHZ northwood 800mhz fsb HT cpu w/heatsink/fan/silver = $180.00

_amd 3200+ 2.2ghz barton 400mhz fsb cpu w/heatsink/fan/silver = $187.00

lets break it down.

clock speed = amd wins by about 15% more
fsb = intel wins by 50% more
(do NOT forget that fsb is a very important relation to the overall clock speed of a cpu consdering fsb is the direct communicator between cpu's and mobo, which intel has x2 more)
Additional threading = obviously intel, although HT is useless alot of the times..
heating = intel ALWAYS wins this.. which also means that intel cpu's are alot safer to overheat AND match the 3200+ in speeds and go even faster WITHOUT breaking a sweat.
An 800 MHz fsb doesn't do a P4 any good unless you had ram running at 800MHz . That's why the XP only has a 400MHz bus because if krnxstyle runs the 400MHz ram in that computer, an extra 400MHz of bandwith doesn't do any good.
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