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Default Re: First Computer Help

first don't go with a 939 socket it is dying technology and should be left alone when it comes to new builds.

That graphics card is ok you would see quite a large performance boost by upgrading to a x1900

You don't have to have a soundcard most people are happy with there motherboard sound unless your an audiophile then it isn't really needed.

Don't get ddr ram it is very old tech 2 generations old now go with ddr2 6400 ram it is cheaper and faster as ddr2 is the accepted standard making it cheaper to produce and cheap costs to consumers.

Don't get a western digital drive they are falling behind in the market atm either buy a Seagate barracuda 7200.10 (for its 5 year warranty) or a Samsung Spinpoint (has a 3 year warranty but is marginally faster then the seagate) both are excellent drives

as I previously said socket 939 is MIA

Never heard of that cpu cooler a good budget cooler is the Artic freezer 64 for AMD chips

You can get a sata dvd drive for the same price and it will have a thinner cable meaning better airflow so sata rather then IDE is preferable

Your drives don't match you have one black and one beige it will look a little odd aesthetically

never heard of that power supply ut sounds like crud firstly ecause your system will only need about 300W as it currently stands (look at what my rig runs off in my sig) so a 420W will do you better I would reccomend the corsair HX as it is also modular allowing better cable management and airflow = cooler pc and longer life of parts

A beige case interesting are you sure you don't want one a little more stylish or are you a keen modder who will rip the case apart anyway and repaint it all.

Most motherboards come with network connections you should only need to add a wireless pci card for network use and some motherboards even come with that built in
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