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Default Re: So...went with the G.Skill Ram

Almost all products are RMAed back to the Manufacturing address.
(Return to manufacturing address) == RMA
You won't always get a Brand new model of what you RMAed. Sometimes depending on what product you RMAed they may attempt to fix it or solve what is wrong with it, if they can, they will mail it back to you. If they can't and most times they don't even try to fix it, they mail you a refurbished or open box model of the item you RMAed. And in the absolute best case they mail you the exact same model of which is brand spanking new and never opened.

It must be stressed that when you phone in the RMA you give them as little information reguarding your computer knowledge.
Thus avoiding them even asking about whether your overclocked or did anything that would void the warranty.

Of course they may ask anyways, and again, you don't know anything about overclocking..

I never had to RMA anything, because by the time anything of mine died or malfucntioned it was time to upgrade anyways..
Wait I take that back, I had to RMA my labtop once because of a malfunctioning Screen, all they did was repair the problem (Which was a damaged internal moniter cable) and ship it back to me.
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