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Default Re: Is this a good computer?

Originally Posted by ben_ben View Post
and what is the speed differential?
compare amd sempron with Intel Pentium
uhh...the Pentium should win, a sempron is the equivalent of a celeron, and the athlon series are equivalent to a Pentium.

I would say a decent, cost effective computer with cutting-edge technology and a great price tag would be around the lines of a 3800+ X2 amd, 2gb of ram, 6600GS, 160gb hdd, a 450w psu, dvd burner, a good case, and a operating system. here is a rundown of some good parts.

Apevia X-Dreamer II - $60

GIGABYTE AM2 SLI AMD Motherboard - $80

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ -$80

Patriot Signature series DDR2-667 2Gb (1*2gb) - $105

Prolink 6600LE 128mb x16 -$42

Western Digital 160GB Caviar SE 8mb - $53

ASUS 18X DVD+RW + RAM & SATA - $36

580W Modular psu -$89

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium - $112

and that should just about do it. the total is before taxes and shipping is $657 (us dollar)

just note, this is just a basic build, i dont know what your into, etc...just took a guess, got a cool case, some storage, just the basics. if you are just into web browsing and schoolwork, etc...then a 3600 X2 would be great, but if you wanted to get into the gaming scene, (im an amd person) then find someone who knows about the Core 2 Duo series from intel and have them spec out a build for you. another side note, i dont know how much you are willing to spill on a pc, so i had a hard time finding stuff.

Also, the build you stated in your first post is ok, just depends on the motherboard and powersupply. and do yourself a favor, and get a sata 3.0 hdd whatever you do, beleive me, you will praise your pc when you get the xp bar to go acrost halfway and then have it hit desktop (happened to me on PC#1 in my sig...nearly broke my desk i was laughing so hard)
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