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Default Re: OMG what HAPPENED to TF?????

what discussion. it seems like any opinion will be deleted because theyre not facts. in my opinion this forum has turned into a forum perfect for 10 year olds. i guess times have changed a year ago this forum was fun to hang out and have discussions about anything and everything now its just get your tech support and get out.
that would be because it appears it is populated by people determined to act like 10 year olds whom throw tantrums at every conceivable thing if they don't get their way. that's about as blunt as it gets. why the big fuss? it's a forum. we're not nazis. i think the rules are more than reasonable expectations of behaviour.

Havoc, i've always had a lot of respect for you but i find it quite insulting that you either fail to see or choose to ignore the fact that regardless of ownership this forum is a forum above all else. we the moderators are not unpaid workers for Larry. we're volunteers for the forum. the main reason i bother is because tech-forums has provided enough positive reasons for me to feel it is worthy of being maintained, not out of charity toward Larry. i'm sure the others feel the same and don't appreciate the growing number of people determined to undermine the community on this forum. just because you disagree with some practices of the site does not invalidate it's usefulness.

despite the fact this thread is being used to further undermine the forum it is still left open. why? because we're not aiming to be the "fourth reich" and would rather this be sorted out.
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